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Washing Areas


Kastraki Camping offer guests a specially designed and recently renovated cleaning area, for clothing and kitchen items/food prep.

In the dishwashing area there are wash basin sinks, extra wide counter space and electrical sockets available for use. Garbage cans, a drinking water cooler and communal fridge/freezer are located on the patio area for our guests convenience. We as that our guests respect the common shared areas regarding other’s items. Please note, Kastraki Camping is not responsible for lost or stolen items within the shared common washing areas.

Kastraki Camping guests may wash their clothes either with the use of the large stainless-steel basins offered for the option to hand wash, or the choice of a coin operated machine. Clothing detergent can be purchased for single cycle use at the mini market.

Please note that our staff takes extreme care to ensure that the washing areas are up to par regarding cleanliness. We ask that our guests respectively do the same and clean up after themselves so as to ensure that the common shared washing areas are always at their cleanest for all guests to use.