Only those who have registered their stay in the campsite may come in and have the right to use our facilities. Upon registration, we keep one identity card, passport or camping carnet per family until departure. In order to avoid unauthorized people coming in the campsite, as well as in consideration of your safety, we place a campsite sticker on the windscreen of your vehicle. Please keep it as long as you stay with us, so that it can be seen by our security staff. 
Upon arrival you are given a camping plan. Reception staff indicates which places are available at that moment. After having a look at the places by yourself, please choose the one that best suits your needs. Change of places can only be carried out after the previous authorization of the Reception staff. You can either park your car in front of your tent or at the parking areas within the campsite. Please respect emplacement borders, landmarks and vegetation. 
Entrance is allowed to camping residents only. Visitors are allowed only after they register at the Reception. There is a fee for visitors, charged at the current rates per person and per vehicle. Visitors cars may be parked only at the indicated parking areas. Visitors may stay at the campground up to 22:00.
Check out time is 14:00. Late check out can be arranged with Reception staff at a 50% fee of the daily charge up to 18:00. Departures later than 18:00 are fully charged. 
The gate is closed for vehicles at midnight. On Friday and Saturday it closes at 01:00. There is a door next to the gate that is always open, by which residents may enter in the camping place, on foot only. The gate reopens for vehicles at 06:30 in the morning. Earlier departures can be arranged only with the Reception staff the previous evening. 
Speed limit within the campsite is 10 Km/hr. Please drive very carefully within the camp due to children cycling around. 
At no time may the noise on the campsite create a disturbance or interfere in any manner with other people’s enjoyment of the camp. Please keep your TV sets, radios and any other audio equipment at a low volume all day. Please also advise your children to respect other people’s right to relax on certain times. Silence is compulsory at the following hours:15:00 till 18:00 and 23:30 till 08:00. 
Barbeques are allowed provided there is no strong wind and you keep a bucket of water near by. Open fires and fireworks on the campsite or the beach are absolutely forbidden for everyone’s safety. 
The drinking water fountains in the campsite are to be used for the purpose of collecting water. For obvious reasons, these fountains must not be used for personal hygienic purposes (washing clothes, cleaning dishes, etc.), neither should any chemical substances be emptied into them. 
Dogs are permitted as long as all Greek legislation is followed. 
Rubbish must be thrown into the appropriate bins or containers, but never on the ground . We kindly ask our guests and their children to respect the environment by using the trash bins which are disposed around the campsite for that purpose.  
You may leave documents or other valuable things to the Reception free of charge. Management declines any responsibility in case of loss, theft or property damages. Neither will the campsite be responsible for any unpredictable damages such as the ones caused by wind, fire, rain, flooding, ants, tree resin etc. Management always keeps the right to expel from the campsite anyone who violates the above or other rules.